LED Slim Advertising Lightbox


modern billboard Made from high quality materials Ultra-thin design, lightweight, easy to install, can be used in many places. Suitable for communicating information, advertising products, promotions or decorating various places.


****Product details****
-Modern design, ultra-thin, lightweight
-Easy to install and can be used in multiple locations
-Bright LED lights, energy-saving, and long service life.
-Attracting attention and conveying clear meaning.
-Suitable for information communication, product advertising, promotion, or decoration.
Material: Aluminum structure, sturdy and durable, lightweight
-Acrylic dial, transparent, durable, waterproof, scratch resistant
-Bright LED lights, energy-saving, and long service life.
Dimensions: Standard sizes, such as A1, A2, A3, A4
Usage: Installed on walls, doors, or surfaces
-Hang it on the wire.
-Placed on a table, shelf, or floor
-Design: Print your own logo, text, image, or graphic
-Modern design attracts attention and conveys clear meanings.

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