wooden award medal


The shop's carved wooden award medals use expertise in carving or sculpting patterns to be beautiful and convey a clear meaning, such as using symbols or logos of the event. Writing a message and the name of the winner or displaying letters and symbols related to events or activities that have taken place The format depends on the customer's needs.


Additional Product Details:

Customers can design the product themselves. They can also provide details via the shop's LINE account.

The shop specializes in intricately carved or sculpted wooden plaques, ensuring beauty and clear communication.

Usage of Work Symbols or Logos: The shop incorporates relevant symbols or logos to emphasize the connection and identify the award's origin, helping the recipient understand its source clearly.

Text and Recipient Names: The text on the wooden plaques is meticulously written for clarity and aesthetic appeal, including recipient names or congratulatory messages to convey significance and respect.

Incorporation of Relevant Typography and Symbols: Relevant typography and symbols related to the event or activity are utilized to enhance the plaque's significance, such as event logos or associated symbols, strengthening the award's meaning.

The shop offers custom design and customization services tailored to customers' preferences, emphasizing guidance to achieve beautiful and suitable results for the event or occasion.

Please note: Price excludes shipping and %vet fees.

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