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Plaswood menus are menus made from plastic or plastic wood (Plastic Wood), a material that looks similar to wood. But it has the characteristics of being more durable and resistant to environmental conditions than real wood. It is often used to produce menus for restaurants or food service establishments in various formats, depending on what customers want.


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Plastic wood menu is a menu made of plastic or plastic wood. It is a material similar to wood, but it has stronger durability and environmental resistance than real wood. Plastic wood is usually made of recycled plastic, which is similar to wood in appearance and use.

Notable features of Plaswood menu
Durability: Plastic menus have long-term durability because plastic materials are moisture-resistant and constantly changing environments.
Fashion design: There are usually beautiful fashion designs and various styles to adapt to the style and atmosphere of the restaurant.
Convenient cleaning: The plastic material has a simple surface, which makes the menu easy to clean and maintain.
Customizable: customers can customize the Plaswood menu according to the needs of restaurants or catering service places, such as adding logos or special words.
Environmentally friendly: Plastic menus are usually made of sustainable plastic materials, and materials that do not damage the environment are adopted.
Using Plaswood's menu can help the restaurant to display the menu beautifully and transparently, so that customers can have a better and more fashionable dining experience.

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