Lightbox signs are used in advertising, marketing or displaying important information in various places such as in movie theaters, train stations, stores, exhibition rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. or even in a private home To create an interesting and outstanding perspective The format depends on the customer's needs.


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Light box label is a useful tool for advertising, marketing or displaying important information in various places such as cinemas, railway stations, shops, exhibition halls, bedrooms, bathrooms and even private houses. In order to create a fascinating perspective, the form of light box labels can be customized according to the needs of customers.

Brightness and clarity: Lightbox usually transmits light from the back to make the displayed image or text look clear and bright.
Fashion design: There are often beautiful and fashionable designs, which are suitable for use in different places.
Diversity of size and style: the size and style of Lightbox can be customized according to needs, such as large size, medium size, floor, or wall hanging.
Easily change the image or text: Some light boxes can easily change the image or text by changing the image board or using the LED light system with adjustable light and color.
Sturdy and durable: Light boxes are usually resistant to all kinds of weather and environment, and are suitable for outdoor or indoor use.
Convenient installation and use: usually convenient installation and use, short installation time and convenient use.

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