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The Plastwood logo is a sign or billboard made of plastic or Plastwood materials, made of recycled materials or wood like recycled plastics. It is usually used to create signs for information announcements or advertisements in places such as businesses, shops, schools, or other public places. We use special techniques to make it


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Mode, but what customers need.

Customers can inform the size and location according to their needs.

Plastic wood labels are billboards or billboards made of plastic or plastic wood. This material has a wood-like appearance and is made of recycled materials or recycled plastics, but it has the characteristics of durability and environmental friendliness, just like the actual materials. Plastic wood labels are usually used for information or advertising in shops, schools or other public places.

Our shop has special technology to produce Plaswood labels to achieve the best quality and beautiful results, as follows:

1. High-quality material selection: We choose high-quality plastic or plastic materials to make the label durable and durable.

2. Using advanced production technology: We use advanced production technology to produce high-quality and beautiful plastic labels.

3. Customize according to customer's requirements: We are happy to customize the Plaswood label according to customer's requirements, such as adding logo or special text.

4. Use of colors and screens: We use high-quality colors and screens to make the logo colorful and not repetitive.

5. Excellent design: We have a professional design team, which can produce plastic labels with beautiful appearance and suitable for use.

6. Quality certification: We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service and the highest quality and performance Plaswood label.

This price does not include the submission fee or the% Vet value.

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