School signs


Signs posted in schools and school signs play an important role in communicating information, news, regulations, announcements, and creating a learning atmosphere. stimulate inspiration and enhance the image of the schoo


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Material: a variety of choices, such as vinyl, acrylic, wood, metal, etc.
The advantages, disadvantages, durability and price of each material are different
Vinyl: Economical price, waterproof, outdoor use.
Canvas: durable and elegant, suitable for special work.
Acrylic: modern and beautiful, easy to clean.
Wood: natural and warm, suitable for interior decoration.
Metal: durable and suitable for outdoor work.
Size: can be customized according to needs.
General standard size, such as A4,A3,30x60 cm. 60 x 120 cm.
Design: print words, signs, pictures or graphics.
Design that conveys clear meaning, attracts attention and is suitable for the target audience.
Type of signboard: written signboard: communication, information, news, regulations and various announcements.
Greetings: Welcome classmates, parents, guests and guests.
Recommendation label: recommendation department, classroom, personnel, etc.
Safety criteria label: displays safety criteria, precautions, etc.
Activity signs: public relations, school activities.
Inspiration label: inspire and motivate students.
Installation: To install on a wall, doorpost or smooth surface.
Use double-sided tape, screws or label structures.

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