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Foam letter signs, die-cut foam signs, and foam signs are popular options for a variety of applications. With light weight, economical price, and can be designed in many ways. Foam signs are suitable for temporary advertising. Trade show Decorative signs for stage sets or various DIY projects


****Product details****
Material: various foam, such as EPS foam, PU foam, PVC foam
Each type has different characteristics, density, and price.
EPS foam: economical and light
Polyurethane foam: durable, waterproof, suitable for outdoor use
PVC foam: durable, easy to trim
Size: Customized according to needs
Standard dimensions, such as 30x60cm, 60x120cm, 120x180cm.
Characters: Cut with a die-cutting machine to make the shape of the characters clear
Choose font, color, and size
Design: Print your own logo, text, image, or graphic
The eye-catching and unforgettable design conveys the message you want to convey.
Usage: Install double-sided tape on walls, doors, or surfaces
Hang with ropes or wires.
Placed on a table or shelf
-Easy to carry
-Multiple designs
-Easy to use
-Suitable for temporary advertising, trade exhibitions, stage logos, or DIY events.
We also offer the following additional services:
-Custom foam label design
-Cut foam according to shape
-Printed on foam
-Installation Services

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* * * * Product details * * * *

Materials: Various types of foam plastics such as EPS foam PVC foam plastics.
Each type has different characteristics, density and price.
EPS foam: economical in price and light in weight.
PU foam: waterproof, suitable for outdoor work.
PVC foam: strong, wear-resistant and easy to trim.
Size: can be customized according to needs.
General standard size, such as 30x60 cm. 60 x 120 cm. 120 x 180 cm.
Characters: Cut by Cartesian machine to make the characters have sharp shapes.
Select the font, color and size as required.
Design: print your own logo, text, pictures or graphics.
The eye-catching and unforgettable design conveys the information that the media wants to convey.
Usage: Double-sided adhesive tape installed on the door wall or smooth surface.
Hang on a rope or wire
Put it on a table or shelf.

-Light weight
-Carry it with you
-Save it.
-Diversified design
-Easy to use
-Suitable for temporary advertisements, exhibitions, stage decoration signs or various DIY works.

We also provide the following additional services:

-Custom foam label design
-cut the foam according to the shape
-Printed on styrofoam
-Installation services

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