Elevator stickers ,Elevator decoration stickers


Elevator stickers It is a sticker that is used to install on the wall or space inside the elevator. Commonly used for advertising Publicize, decorate or display various information. There are many types of elevator stickers. It depends on the material, design and usage.


Elevator stickers are stickers installed on walls or spaces inside elevators. They are commonly used for advertising, public relations, decoration, or displaying information. There are various types of elevator stickers based on materials, design, and application.
-The design of elevator stickers depends on the purpose of use. The design is attractive, easy to read, and clearly conveyed.
The advantages of elevator stickers
-Price: Elevator stickers are cheaper than other billboards.
-Easy to install: Elevator stickers are easy to install and do not require special tools.
-Modifiable: Elevator stickers are easy to change.
-Long service life: Elevator stickers have a long service life
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