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Circular light box or circular light box sign It is a type of advertising sign that uses LED lights to shine inside the light box. Circular light cabinets have a round shape. Commonly used to install in storefronts, shops, restaurants, companies, and department stores. Various tourist attractions To advertise products, services or information


*****Detailed information on circular lightboxes******
Material: The circular lightbox is made of various materials such as aluminum, steel, plastic, etc.
Size: There are various sizes of circular lightboxes, ranging from small sizes with a diameter of 30cm to large sizes with a diameter of 120cm.
Color: The circular lightbox has multiple colors to choose from, such as white, black, silver, and gold.
Design: Circular cabinets can be designed according to needs. Simple or different designs can be used.
Light: The circular cabinet adopts LED lighting. LED lights have the advantages of energy conservation, durability, and color change.
Usage: Circular cabinet lights can be used for various applications, such as:
1. Advertise products, services, or information.
2. Display the logo of the company or store
3. Site decoration
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