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A taxi brochure holder is a piece used to hold and display brochures or advertising materials in a taxi. So that passengers can clearly understand the various services or promotions of taxi companies. Brochure holders are often designed to provide an attractive arrangement of information and images. To attract the attention of passengers in the taxi The shop uses special printing techniques. The colors are beautiful, sharp, and not dull.


**Additional Product Details:**
Customers can specify the size and dimensions according to their preferences.

Customized formats and designs based on customer requirements can be communicated through the store's online platform.

Brochures for taxi cabs play a crucial role in effectively communicating information and promotions to passengers. They are designed to arrange information and images in an interesting way to captivate passengers' attention during their journey. Special printing techniques are used to create beautiful, clear, and non-blurry colors to ensure that the text and images on the brochure are presented in an appropriate and prominent manner.

Using special printing techniques is one way to make brochures look more appealing and interesting. This technique helps create beautiful and clear colors without any blotches or flaws, ensuring that the information and images on the brochure are presented in an organized and engaging manner. Moreover, employing special printing techniques helps reduce issues related to readability that passengers may encounter when reading brochures in taxi cabs, making it much more convenient for them.

- Price does not include 7% VAT.
- Price does not include design and shipping costs.

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