Engraved wooden tray


Carved wooden trays are a versatile product. Suitable for use as a gift or for home decoration. You can distribute carved wooden trays in a variety of styles and patterns to suit your customers' needs, such as carved wooden trays with colorful cartoon designs for children. The shop uses a special technique for engraving to make the lines crisp and clear.


**Additional Product Details**

Customers can specify their preferences and size requirements. Please contact our LINE account for further details.

We specialize in crafting high-quality and beautifully designed carved wooden trays using modern technology and tools. Our expertise ensures clear and exquisite cartoon or other patterns on the surface of the wooden trays, meeting customers' expectations.

For trays with carved patterns, we use specialized carving and coloring techniques to create charming and captivating cartoon designs. We select high-quality wood materials to ensure durability and strength.

Customers can customize the format and patterns according to their preferences.


- Price does not include VAT 7%.
- Price excludes design fees and shipping costs.

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