Shirt printing work


Our shop's shirt screening is the process of printing a logo or graphic on the surface of a shirt using a special ink that allows the color to be screen printed immediately onto fabric or other materials. The pattern or pattern will be printed according to the customer's wishes.


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You can tell the customer the size and location you need at any time. s,m,l,xl,xxl,xxxl。

Customers can paint patterns or patterns on the lines of the store.

Shirt grid work is a process of printing logos or graphics on shirt skin with special printing ink, which can make the color grid immediately displayed on fabric or other materials.

Preparation of cloth or material: the preparation of shirt begins with the preparation of cloth or material to be used. It is necessary to determine whether this cloth or material can properly prepare printing ink.
Design: customers should submit the required graphics or logos to the shirt manufacturer, or the shirt manufacturer can design them.
Check and print on the screen: the graphics are printed on the checked screen, and appropriate preparations are made according to the size and shape of the shirt.
Mesh: After that, the printing ink will be copied to the fabric or material using mesh. There are many ways to mesh, such as manual mesh, automatic mesh or digital mesh.
Drying: When gridding is completed, the gridded parts must be completely dried.
Inspection and packaging: When the grid is completed, the integrity and integrity inspection must be carried out, and then the goods are packaged and delivered to customers.
The plaid work of shop shirts is an interesting and ideal process to create styles and colors of shirts that are interesting and outstanding.


The price does not include design fees and freight.

The price does not include 7% VAT.

For more information, please contact the store line.

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