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The stickers are made from weather and moisture resistant materials. The shop uses special techniques to make stickers to make the colors crisp and clear. The pattern is up to the customer's request.

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**Product Details**

Customers can provide additional details through our store's LINE account.

Customers can specify the size and dimensions according to their preferences.

Car stickers can come in various sizes and formats, such as those placed on the rear or sides of vehicles. They are often designed to be visually appealing and complement the shape of the vehicle, enhancing the overall aesthetic and promotional message. Our store uses special printing techniques to ensure vibrant colors that do not fade quickly.

These stickers are typically clear and easy to understand, featuring company logos, promotional messages, or warnings to attract attention and provide a positive experience for viewers.


Prices exclude design and shipping fees. Prices exclude a 7% value-added tax (VAT).

For further inquiries, please contact our store's LINE account.

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