vinyl signs.


Vinyl sign "Please do not park your car blocking the entrance or exit". Style and size depend on the customer's request. The shop prints with special techniques to make the colors sharp and not dull.


****Product Details****
Customers can specify the size and dimensions according to their preferences.
For additional details, customers can contact us via our store's LINE account.

The vinyl sign "Please Do Not Block Entry and Exit" printed by our store is characterized by its clarity and beauty, achieved through special printing techniques that ensure sharp and non-fading colors. This sign can be customized in various formats and sizes to suit customer needs. Typically, the design includes a logo or relevant image to enhance its aesthetic appeal and blend with the environment.

The sign's size is generally chosen to be suitable for installation in the intended location, ensuring clear visibility from a distance. Standard sizes range from 30x30 centimeters to 60x60 centimeters, with the option for further customization as per customer requirements.

Prices exclude design and shipping fees.
Prices exclude a 7% value-added tax (VAT).

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