Venetian cloth signs with various symbols


Venetian cloth signs with various symbols. Signs made from the shop's Venetian cloth are good quality materials for creating advertising signs or signs with various styles depending on the customer's needs.


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Customers can inform the size and location as needed.

Customers can inquire more details on the store's internal line.

This kind of fabric label is a kind of high-quality material, which is often used to make various billboards or signs. Its durability, aesthetics, diversity of uses and other reasons are different.

Environmental resistance: fabric has high tolerance to various environments, such as sunlight, rain, humidity and high or low temperature, without deteriorating or rotting the color.
Printing aesthetics: Leather labels can be printed in a delicate and beautiful way. Printing on genuine leather can clearly present various signs, words or images.
Multi-purpose: This kind of fabric sign can be used for many purposes, such as display, store advertisement, welcome sign at seminars or exhibitions, road signs in public places, etc.
Easy to use: making silk labels is usually very comfortable, it is light and flexible, and can be easily and quickly bonded or installed on different surfaces.

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The price does not include design fees or freight.

The price does not include 7% VAT.

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