Engineer Logo Magnetic Sheet


A logo magnet is a sturdy piece of steel that is often used to hang logos or other items on a wall or other available space. They are often equipped with holes or cutouts to facilitate the installation of wire or thread. To create a convenient way to hang or display your logo. Logo magnetic sheets are generally resistant to various environments.

Categories : Pre-oder Product Magnet


****Additional Product Details****
Customers can specify the size and dimensions they require.
Customers can provide their own design or request the store to design it for them.

Strength: Engineer Logo Magnetic Sheet is usually made from durable and sturdy steel to support the weight of the hung items.
Durability: It is resistant to various environmental conditions such as moisture, heat, and vibration.
Easy Installation: Typically, it comes with holes or slots for easy installation on the wall.
Versatility: It can be used to hang various items or decorations in homes or workplaces according to customers' needs.
Customers can inquire for further information via the store's LINE.

Price does not include design or shipping costs.
Price does not include 7% value-added tax.

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