wooden sign block


Wooden sign blocks are used for installing or displaying message boards or various signals. They look like rectangular frames or boxes made from materials such as the shop's quality wood. The shop uses special techniques to make it strong and durable when used. Wooden sign blocks are installed vertically or horizontally on the floor or wall. And there may be additional space above or on the side of the sign so that additional text or details can be added as needed.


***Additional Details***
Customers can specify the size and design they want directly. Contact us for more details via our LINE official account.

Wooden sign blocks are structures used for displaying various messages or signals, typically shaped like rectangles or boxes made from durable materials such as wood. Our workshop employs special techniques to ensure the blocks are robust and resilient for usage. We utilize modern technology for cutting and joining materials, and apply weather-resistant coatings to withstand environmental conditions. Rigorous testing ensures the strength and durability of our products.

Wooden sign blocks can be installed vertically or horizontally on floors or walls. Additional space may be added on top or on the sides to accommodate extra messages or details according to customer preferences. We use cutting and joining techniques to customize the size and shape as needed.

Advantages of Wooden Signs:
Our wooden sign blocks are specially designed for easy installation and modification of messages or details, offering convenience to our customers. For instance, additional space can be added on top or on the sides of the sign for users to easily write or modify messages.

This price does not include design fees and shipping costs.
The price is subject to a 7% value-added tax.

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