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The shop produces or designs business cards according to customer needs. A business card is an important document to display the identity and personal information of a person or organization. It is often used to connect with others in business or personal communications. The shop uses a unique technique for printing so that the colors are clear and beautiful. The shop always pays attention to the needs of customers.


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The customer can specify the size and location required by the customer.

Customers can send more information online through the store, which is convenient and fast

Shop business cards are made with special skills unique to the shop. Hard paper and durable printing ink are used to unfold them, making them sharp, unambiguous and non-stretching. The shop specializes in designing and making business cards, and customers are convinced of the shop's technology.

Usually, the steps are as follows:

Coordinate with the customer: the customer will contact the store or service personnel to ask for details, such as the number of business cards needed, the required format and the required information, input the customer's business cards, and refresh the three cars, and the types that the customer wants the store to know, so as to produce quickly.
Design: The store will make business card designs according to customers' requirements, and adopt special design schemes or hand-drawn lines, resulting in sharp colors, beautiful colors and no stretching.
Adjustment, modification and approval: customers will receive samples of business card designs, and have the opportunity to make comments or request necessary modifications before actual production.
Manufacturing: After the customer's approval, the store or service provider will produce business cards in the approved format.
Delivery: when the business card is ready, the store will deliver it to the customer as agreed, which can be by mail or directly delivered to the designated place.

Business card making can help customers get the high-quality and beautiful business cards they need. Usually, high-quality technology and materials are used, and the best effect is achieved according to the customer's requirements through the special skills of the store.

This price does not include design fees and shipping costs.
The price is subject to a 7% value-added tax.
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