Making a portfolio or portfolio is very important in fighting in the professional world, so we put a lot of care into doing it. Because it allows you to best promote your talents and experiences. At the very least, you can clearly impress those looking to hire or join their workforce with the integrity and quality of your work. Our shop uses special printing techniques to make the colors crisp and clear, not faded or shifted.


****Additional Product Details****
Customers can specify the size and dimensions they require. Just let us know through our store's LINE account.

Creating a portfolio or a portfolio of work is crucial in establishing oneself in the professional arena. We prioritize crafting portfolios or collections of work that are of high quality to enable our customers to effectively promote their abilities and experiences while standing out.

We employ special printing techniques to ensure the best results, with the following features:

1. **Vibrant and Beautiful Colors**: We utilize cutting-edge printing technology and screen printing techniques to achieve colors that are vivid, sharp, and beautiful, without any fading or smudging, ensuring high-quality and standout results.

2. **Unique Custom Design**: We offer customized portfolio design services tailored to the customer's requirements. This allows for precise customization of patterns or images to suit the ambiance or concept they desire, ensuring accurate representation.

3. **Durability**: We use high-quality materials and inks to ensure that the portfolio is durable against weather conditions and long-term use, making it suitable for various environments without worrying about damage or wear.

With the clarity and quality of the work we produce, we are confident that our customers' portfolios will leave a clear impression and demonstrate their true value effectively.

For further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to our store's LINE account.

This price does not include design fees and shipping costs.
The price is subject to a 7% value-added tax.

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