floating wooden letter sign


Floating wooden letter signs are a popular product for decorating the interior or exterior of shops or various locations. Which looks like letters or letters made from wooden materials and decorated to be beautiful, modern and made to float using environmentally friendly techniques. The shop will make it using the shop's specific techniques that have received standards.


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Customers can specify the size and site as needed.

Customers can provide design workshops or customers can provide three-car model workshops for production.

High quality wood material: the label is made of high quality and durable wood material.
Fashion design: use the special skills of the shop to create beautiful and unique fashion design.
Buoy: The label is made by the unique process of the store and standardized, which makes the buoy beautiful and environmentally friendly.
Durability and environmental protection: driftwood labels are durable and environmentally friendly, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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