Consolidated letters


Concrete letters are products used to decorate buildings or various places. They are installed on the exterior walls of buildings to display the name or logo of a business or organization. This type of product is often designed to be beautiful and stand out. To strengthen the connection at the place and make the exterior of the building look beautiful and interesting. Size depends on customer's request.


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Customers can specify the size they want.

Composite building stickers are products used to decorate buildings or places, which are installed on the external walls of buildings to show the names or signs of enterprises or organizations. This usage helps to create a welcome feeling and keep in touch with visitors who use services or visit places in a complete and intelligent way through the unique skills of the store.

High-quality materials: Composite fonts are made of weather-resistant high-quality materials and used according to the style of the store.
Style: In-store design allows customers or customers to take styles to the store for production, which can be installed conveniently and quickly.
Diversified design: there are many styles and sizes of shop walkways to choose from, creating diversified architectural decoration.
Durability: Durable and resistant to bad weather and deterioration.

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