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A school nameplate is a product designed to display the location and symbols of a school. The school nameplate allows visitors and school members to easily locate and understand the school structure. This includes information such as the school name, logo, or special symbols, which may vary according to customer needs.


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Customers can specify sites according to their needs.

Durable materials: high-quality school labels are made of durable materials, such as plastic or wood MDF (medium density fiberboard), which has strong weather resistance and will always have stable and durable quality after long-term use.

Screen printing or printmaking: It is very important to screen printing or printmaking on school signboards, because it helps to make words and images clear and beautiful. Using high-quality screen printing or printmaking technology can make signboards have colorful appearance and clear patterns, which can effectively meet the needs of customers.

Various sizes and styles: School signs usually come in various sizes and styles, so that customers can accurately choose the options that suit their school needs and atmosphere. Common styles include signboards hanging on the wall, signboards installed on seats or tables, and even signboards installed in parking lots or corridors.

International standards: the construction and design of school signboards must meet international standards to ensure quality and credible uniqueness. These standards may include the use of environmentally safe materials, the use of light-resistant and weather-resistant pigments, and compliance with technical requirements for the correct production of signboards.

* * * * The school label is a product designed to show the location and symbol of the school. By including information such as school name, logo or special symbols that change according to customers' needs, school labels enable visitors and school members to easily identify and understand the school structure. * * *
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